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John Vihstadt - Independent

Arlington County Board

April 2014 - December 2018

John Vihstadt

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Being Independent Is A Good Thing

The Vihstadt Family

About John

A long time civic leader, John was elected to the Arlington County Board following 30 years of schools and neighborhood activism. As the only political Independent on the Board, he has brought true debate, discussion, and balance to our local government. He works for our community - not a political party. Read more about John

November County Board Update

December 12, 2018

November was a bittersweet month. We just couldn’t overcome the hyper-partisan national atmospherics that sank our independent purple tugboat.

Yet November also brought me great satisfaction as a County Board member, and served as a coda of sorts for what we’ve been able to accomplish since taking office in April 2014.

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Arlington government set to tuck away more cash for looming crunch

October 24, 2018

“The decision to save, rather than spend, the bulk of the surplus also is a vindication of sorts for County Board member John Vihstadt, who long has advocated such a course.”   Read More  

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