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Arlington County Board

April 2014 - December 2018

John Vihstadt

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A long time civic leader, John was elected to the Arlington County Board following 30 years of schools and neighborhood activism. As the only political Independent on the Board, he brought true debate, discussion, and balance to our local government. He worked for our community - not a political party. Read more about John

“Testicular Fortitude”, Boeing’s Benevolence & Questions of Density

June 28, 2019

From the annual gala at Arlington?s prized seniors retirement complex, Culpepper Garden, to Father?s Day with my almost 99 year-old father and his two grandsons, June was a spectacular month! Of course, no month is ever just fun and games. Did you hear the news about the?County Board?s pay heist??Just weeks after they effectively raised property taxes by an average rate of 5 percent (the highest in a decade), they conveniently shielded themselves from their own action?by voting to raise their salary cap from roughly?$60,000 to $90,000, setting the stage next year for a potentially significant pay hike. The Board quintet compounded this troubling coincidence by making their move?one week after the candidate filing deadline?for the November elections.?The Sun Gazette blasted?the Board for?lacking the ?testicular fortitude? to have considered the pay raise in an open and transparent manner earlier in the year; instead, they?gamed the electoral calendar to stifle competition. Yet the Board?s action was?wrong on more than?procedural grounds,?as I shared with my former colleagues at the time of their vote.? (A) While some argue it?s not fair for County Board members not to be paid “full time” when most treat it as a full time job, the fact is…

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 12/13/18 edition

December 21, 2018

Thumbs Up: ?Outgoing County Board member John Vihstadt deserves credit for prodding his colleagues…to be more fiscally responsible…so kudos to him.? Read here ….

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