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    "One party government is rarely a good thing. In my four years on the County Board, we’ve brought true debate and discussion to the community table. I’ve added balance to the Board - and I need your help to keep it there!" - John Vihstadt

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    About John

    A long time civic leader, John was elected to the Arlington County Board following 30 years of schools and neighborhood activism. As the only political Independent on the Board, he has brought true debate, discussion, and balance to our local government. He works for our community - not a political party. Read more about John

    Why I Am Running

    Four years ago, voters from every Arlington neighborhood and from across the political spectrum rallied to our Independent campaign...a campaign that focused on the nuts and bolts of local government and community empowerment, not the corrosive partisanship that plagues our federal and state governments.

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    Campaigns only win with the help of their supporters.

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    Vihstadt pulling in support of former School Board members

    February 22, 2018
    Sally Baird

    Glad to have the support of former School Board member Sally Baird: “His presence ensures a broader dialogue. At its core, John at the table affirms the most influential of Democratic values: inclusiveness.” Read more here.  

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    What the Community is Saying

    Carla de la Pava

    Carla de la Pava

    Treasurer of Arlington County

    "I've worked with John in County government since 2014. He knows the issues, he's fair-minded and he's connected to our communities. There is no substitute for that."

    Dave Foster

    Dave Foster

    Former Arlington School Board Chair

    John brought to the County Board a remarkable record of leadership in our public schools. Now, the County Board and School Board are working more closely than ever to meet our schools’ capacity and other challenges as efficiently as possible.

    Alexandra Bocian

    Alexandra Bocian

    President, John M. Langston Citizens Association (for identification purposes only)

    "John cares about Arlington’s diverse communities. He’s responsive to Hall’s Hill/High View Park, and neighborhood residents appreciate his leadership. John listens to everyone."