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Arlington County Board

April 2014 - December 2018

John Vihstadt

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A long time civic leader, John was elected to the Arlington County Board following 30 years of schools and neighborhood activism. As the only political Independent on the Board, he brought true debate, discussion, and balance to our local government. He worked for our community - not a political party. Read more about John

Our Pricey Swimming Pool, Criminal Justice, and the Lines of a Contortionist

February 11, 2019

Late last year, in leaving the County Board, I vowed to keep tabs on my now former colleagues and continue to weigh in on issues of the day. Yet little did I think I would be back to 2100 Clarendon Boulevard so soon! On Tuesday, January 29, I was on the other side of the dais as I spoke to the Board during public comment on the agenda item to approve a contract of over $400,000 for an elaborate audio-visual system for the pricey Long Bridge Park Aquatics and Fitness Center. Due to my note to the County Board observing that the entire project budget appeared to have jumped by $3.2 million, from $67.5 million in November 2017 (when the Board voted 4-1 to award the construction contract) to $70.7 million in January 2019 (just 14 months later), the Board removed this item from the so-called “consent” agenda in order to allow public comment and discussion. Staff insisted that the total budget hadn’t budged after all—that it had been the higher $70.7 million all along–but that they had inadvertently failed to include $1.5 million in project management fees and $1.7 million in consultant costs in the original $67.5 million figure…

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Arlington Sun Gazette Highs & Lows, 12/13/18 edition

December 21, 2018

Thumbs Up: “Outgoing County Board member John Vihstadt deserves credit for prodding his colleagues…to be more fiscally responsible…so kudos to him.” Read here ….

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