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Archive for December 2013

Arlington Connection: "A Very Special Election"

The Arlington Connection puts this very special election into context and explains why so much is at stake. “Vihstadt is the candidate who is most critical of the Columbia Pike Street project, an initiative he said is too expensive. As an alternative, he said, the county should be investing in mass transit along the Pike.”

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Sun Gazette: Vihstadt may "Shake Up the Race"

The Arlington Sun Gazette reports on John Vihstadt entering the race saying that it “is sure to shake up the equilibrium of the upcoming County Board special election.” ?Something is seriously wrong when schools across Arlington are over-capacity and fighting for funding, while county leaders continue to plow millions into high-profile projects beyond the scope…

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Vihstadt Declares as Independent

John Vihstadt, a County, neighborhood, and public schools activist for over 30 years, today announced his candidacy for the Arlington County Board seat expected to be vacated by Chris Zimmerman in early 2014.

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