About John

John Vihstadt harnessed over 30 years of schools and community activism to win a seat on the Arlington County Board in 2014 as the first Independent in decades. Voters across the political spectrum appreciate his open and fair-minded perspective. In fact, he has changed the County Board room conversation by forging cooperative relationships with his colleagues to question the way we’ve always done things and weigh new approaches to our many challenges.

As the only Independent, he has brought true debate, discussion and balance to the Board, and the County is better for it.

His energy and accessibility are hallmarks of his service, and he is always eager to bring County government to the neighborhoods by speaking with civic associations and community groups and visiting with constituents on issues of the day.

John’s Record and a Look Ahead

John’s foundation for the County Board included years of service in our neighborhoods, with Arlington Public Schools and in the community at large.

His leadership and experience as president of his neighborhood civic association, on the Arlington County Civic Federation Board, as president of the Yorktown High School PTA and Co-Chair of a School Bond campaign, on the Board of the non-profit Community Residences, Inc. for the developmentally disabled, and on the Housing, Aging and Planning Commissions, all allowed him to hit the ground running and build a record of accomplishment on the County Board from his first months of service.

First term accomplishments include working with the Virginia General Assembly and former Governor McAuliffe to secure permission for Arlington to hire an independent County Auditor that reports directly to the County Board—not the County Manager. A financial waste, fraud and abuse hotline is in place. He has led efforts to reform the County budget process by pushing to consider the annual budget surplus in the context of the following year’s budget, rather than spending it immediately and outside the context of the normal budget cycle. The Board agreed with John to work towards advertising on Capital BikeShare and ART, which will yield increased transit revenue at no net taxpayer cost. And the Board has prioritized keeping pace with the capacity needs of our public schools and increased investment on the basics like paving, street lights and other community infrastructure.

John’s vision of community-centered government over the next four years includes:

  • Managing our growth, through new partnerships with our public schools and with the private sector;
  • Ensuring still greater openness and transparency in County government through inclusionary community engagement
  • Instilling a stronger sense of fiscal discipline in how we do our work, by making cost and value a key component of every conversation.

Around the County

John’s service as liaison to the Board’s County advisory and working groups provide further opportunities to impact important County goals and policies, ranging from environmental stewardship to human rights and criminal justice.

He is current Board liaison to the:

  • Park & Recreation Commission
  • Urban Forestry Commission
  • Public Spaces Master Plan Update
  • Housing Commission
  • Historic Affairs & Landmark Review Board
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Community Criminal Justice Board
  • Rosslyn Business Improvement District
  • Four Mile Run Valley Master Planning Initiative
  • Reed Elementary School Working Group

On State and Regional Bodies

John appreciates the value of forging state and regional relationships and working across jurisdictional lines.

Among John’s responsibilities on behalf of Arlington:

  • Virginia Association of Counties (VACO) board of directors
  • Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) member
  • Region Forward Coalition, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MCOG) member
  • Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT) liaison
  • NoVaParks (formerly, Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority) liaison

At Home

John and his wife Mary, a government affairs consultant, Arlington Historical Society volunteer and avid gardener, have lived in Tara-Leeway Heights for over 25 years and met while both were renters on Columbia Pike. They raised two sons, who are proud graduates of Arlington Public Schools. John also practices law in downtown Washington, commuting by public transit. A graduate of the University of Nebraska and its College of Law, John was a VISTA volunteer and a Legal Services Corporation attorney prior to moving to Washington in the early 1980’s.