Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Arlington, Virginia — The Arlington Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association, Inc., Local 2800 of the AFL-CIO, has endorsed John Vihstadt, Independent candidate for the Arlington County Board in the April 8 special election. The union?s Vice President, Matt Conway, said, ?We share John Vihstadt?s spending priorities. Vihstadt stresses core community services first — public safety, our public schools and infrastructure maintenance — not projects competing for limited taxpayer dollars like the $310 million streetcar, million dollar bus stops and a lavish, $80+ million aquatics center plagued by cost overruns.?

In accepting the Firefighters? support, Vihstadt said, ?I value Local 2800?s endorsement and will work hard to ensure that Arlington?s firefighter staffing is adequate to meet our critical public safety needs at a time of rising County population, a massive increase in?high-rise residential and commercial buildings needing fire protection, and other changing factors.?