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Posts by John Vihstadt

Property Taxes, Pizza & Procurement

I?m enjoying a more mellow pace of life these days, but, as my parents used to say, not letting moss grow under my feet! HOW HIGH WILL OUR PROPERTY TAXES CLIMB?? It?s a challenge to set the property tax rate at a level that both sustains our community values and acknowledges that most taxpayers? pocketbooks…

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March Madness: A Large Tax Increase For You: A Sweet Pay Increase For Them?

March brings consequential basketball battles, and competition for something else, as well:?your tax dollars, both how many and how best to deploy them! First up,?County Board member Libby Garvey and I will hash it out at the Wednesday, March 13,Arlington Committee of 100 dinner meeting?(also check out the?Facebook page) on this question:??Should Arlington Increase Pay…

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November County Board Update

November was a bittersweet month. We just couldn?t overcome the hyper-partisan national atmospherics that sank our independent purple tugboat.

Yet November also brought me great satisfaction as a County Board member, and served as a coda of sorts for what we?ve been able to accomplish since taking office in April 2014.

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