Providing Arlington Students a 21st Century Education


    • Ensure closer Schools/County collaboration on school facilities, transportation and child safety
    • Prioritize the delivery of new school seats and in a more streamlined and expeditious manner, while better controlling construction costs
    • Address educational equity through sound planning and adequate funding for a new South Arlington high school


    Our fine schools are a hallmark of Arlington’s quality of life.  It is imperative that we keep them top-ranked, both to ensure a strong future for our children and to enhance our economic competitiveness.  The County Board and School Board are collaborating more closely than ever before, on everything from transportation to new school facilities and the safety of our children; I am committed to this partnership to an even greater degree in the future.  We need to work together to bring down the high cost of school construction, deliver new seats in a more expeditious and streamlined manner, and help ensure educational equity for all Arlington communities through sound planning and adequate funding for a new south Arlington high school.

    As co-chair of the County Board’s Audit Committee, I look forward to hosting our counterparts on the School Board ‘s Audit Committee to discuss the upcoming APS audit on schools construction costs.

    I’ve also called for the formation of an Arlington Higher Education Consortium to exchange information and provide new opportunities so that the community may benefit in a more strategic and organized fashion from Arlington’s higher education institutions. These institutions include George Mason University, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, The University of Virginia, Northern Virginia Community College, and Marymount University.

    I led the successful County Board effort to free up an additional $2.5 million for Schools in this year’s budget through scaling back our County Building remodeling plan (though, unfortunately fell short of a Board majority in my effort to double this figure to $5 million).  I also helped build community consensus in planning for the new Reed Elementary School in Westover as County Board liaison.

    I served as president of the Yorktown High School PTA, and Mary led the PTA at Tuckahoe Elementary, Swanson Middle and Yorktown High, as we raised our two sons through Arlington Public Schools from 1995 through 2012.  Both Mary and I co-chaired separate, successful School Bond campaigns, and my peers elected me as Secretary and then Vice President of the County Council of PTAs.