Transit and Transportation

    Ensuring Our Mobility Via Metro, Transit and Streets


    • Provide adequate Metro funding with essential governance and financial oversight reforms
    • Realize Master Transportation Plan commitment to premium transit along Columbia Pike
    • Maintain our roads and streetlights, enhance our bike and trails network, strengthen pedestrian safety, and embrace new mobility technology in a safe and well-planned manner


    As a daily transit rider, I, too, cope with service, reliability and safety issues that too often plague Metro rail, Metro bus, and, on occasion our ART program, as well. As your County Board member, I’m working hard with my colleagues to shore up Metro—both through adequate funding and by essential governance and financial oversight reforms. While Metro has made progress since the “Safe Track” disruptions of 2017, we cannot let our transit circulatory system fail, both because so many employees and employers rely on it, but for environmental sustainability reasons as well. I do not favor diverting scarce public transit funds to a gondola across the Potomac River.

    I am working to ensure a more aggressive realization of our Master Transportation Plan commitment to Premium Transit along Columbia Pike, which includes special transit (but not million dollar) stations, enhanced bus features and more frequent, yet streamlined bus service along this critical corridor as it continues to develop. We’ve boosted ART bus service along Columbia Pike and Lee Highway, and terminated two ART routes that failed to meet adequate ridership metrics so that resources could be redirected to meet demand. I led a new County Board effort to strengthen Capital BikeShare through augmented income via advertising revenues, and look forward to positive results for ART as well.

    We must continue to sustain recent progress in maintaining our roads and more energy-efficient street lights, improve pedestrian safety, and strengthen our bike and trails network, while embracing new mobility opportunities like Car2Go, ZIP Car, dockless bikes and electric scooters.

    Finally, I serve as the County Board’s liaison to the DCA Airport Noise Working Group, and am proud to have secured the support of my colleagues for funds to launch a scientific study, jointly with Montgomery County, to explore new solutions to the vexing problem of aircraft noise over many Arlington neighborhoods. We are also working closely with Congressman Beyer’s office on federal and military helicopter noise issues.